Starting a Career (CET)

On September 12th 2016 CITNM lived one important moment of its short life: its first Professional Training activity began.

The one year full time training program for technicians in foundry, metallurgy and materials (CET) began with 13 trainees, all from the central region of Portugal.

It results from a partnership with CINFU – Professional Training Centre for the Foundry Industry. It will provide trainees with practical and theoretical knowledge to enter the job market immediately after conclusion.

Courses are held at CITNM and at CINFU. The 1.560 hours program include an internship of 560 hours (circa 4 months) in order to prepare trainees in a real industrial context. It is recognized by higher education institutions as it awards 17 ECTS of the Masters on Metallurgy and Materials of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.