CITNM becomes SinterCast’s partner

CITNM has established a partnership with SinterCast to collaborate in the promotion of innovation projects in the areas of foundry and automobile industry.

SinterCast is a Swedish company headquartered in Katrineholm whose specialty is the development of quality control systems based on thermal analysis for the production of automotive components in compact / vermicular cast iron. Its mission includes the increase of quality and productivity in the iron smelting industry and develops added value solutions for worldwide both foundry and automotive industry.

It is the world's leading supplier of real-time process control technology and it possesses great knowledge in the production process of compacted / vermicular cast iron. It provides engineering services to some of the largest companies and foundries specialized in the production of components for internal combustion engines, such as TUPY, Teksid, Caterpillar, Hyundai, Volvo, Ford Casting Development, among others.

This partnership is a mutual advantage once CITNM is associated with a solid company with a strong investment in research and innovation and SinterCast finds in CITNM a partner with common objectives and with a network of partners capable of promoting the development of reference projects worldwide.