CITNM will participate in the opening of Sakthi Portugal SP21 in Águeda

CITNM was invited to participate in Sakthi Portugal SP21’s opening, next February 18th, in the Business Park of Casarão, Águeda.

The event will have an area dedicated to CITNM, where it will be possible to get to know the centre, its activities, study fields, ongoing projects and the development plans programmed and in course. There will also be a reserved space for casting process demonstration.

Sakthi Portugal SP21 is a new company and an expansion of the iron smelting business of Sakthi Portugal, a company that manufactures critical safety automotive components in nodular iron. In the near future, SP21 will have a production capacity of 80,000 tonnes/year, which, together with Sakthi Portugal's current 90,000 tonnes/year, will reach an impressive 170,000 tonnes/year.

In addition to the modern and innovative design building, the SP21 has a number of unique features that make it a unique and innovative company. The cutting-edge technology in linear production and the new finish concept are highlighted by the Kasanova program. It is also the first foundry of Europe prepared from scratch for industrial tourism.

This new company is the second project of the Butterfly strategic program to come to life, the first being the creation of CITNM, a centre of innovation and technology focused on the themes of foundry, automobile, mobility and connectivity. These projects are the first pillars of a knowledge centre that is being created in Águeda and aims to be a worldwide reference in the foundry and automotive sector.

Its opening will have its official moment around 11:30, with the ceremony being led by Y.E. the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa. After 15:30, the building will be available for the community, for free visitation until 20:00.