Portuguese foundry presents the world’s 5th largest growth in 2015!

The production of foundry parts in Portugal continues to increase, having found, in 2015, a 17.2% growth in relation to 2014, in a total of 183.337 tons of castings.

This was the 5th world largest growth in the sector, analysing a total of 36 countries. The number is even larger when compared to the growth of world production, which was only 2.4%. The country that topped the list of growth was Mexico, with 55% growth compared to 2014.

In Portugal, 75.2% of the production is ferrous alloys and 24.8% is non-ferrous alloys, with 89% of the production being exported, representing approximately 593 million dollars.

Recent investments in new foundries in Portugal, such as the € 30 million investment by Sakthi Portugal SA, in the construction of a new foundry plant in Águeda, are excellent indicators that the sector will continue to have a solid growth in the years to come.

These results show that the national foundry sector is alive and growing stronger.


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