Kaizen Project Management

The first activity of the Kaizen College taking place at CITNM occurred on the 28th and 29th September.

The Kaizen Project Management, a training program that works with managing projects with a continuous improvement perspective.

    Its main goal is to teach attendees how to increase quality and profitability, shortening project deadlines.

  • Understand the role of continuous improvement in the good performance of a project
  • Learn the Toyota method to manage projects, being able to achieve better quality results, reducing costs, lead time and Time to Market
  • Learn strategic, tactical and operational tools for better project management
  • Transition from a Traditional Management Method to a Lean Project Management
  • Lean Project Management Principles
    • Project Release
    • Project Design (Milestones, Stage Gate Models)
    • Project Mapping
    • Last Planner System
    • Obeya Control
    • Risk Kanban
    • Project Standards
  • Project Management Practical Exercises - Case Studies.
    • Case Studies.