Foundry on Wheels: Interview with Götz Mehner - Continental Automotive

1. How do you think brakes change with car electrification, what’s the trends?

They will not change. As I also said in my presentation, may be the sizing of the brake will change a bit, but it’s completely independent of what kind of engine you have in the car. The car will still have four wheel brakes and a complete brake system.

2. You don’t believe in electric brake in the future?

I do believe strongly in recuperation, but there are always certain driving conditions or situations where you cannot brake with the electric engine. So you need, definitely, a friction brake system. And as all the e-motors at the moment are designed to have best efficiency for driving and not for braking, they are not able to brake a car to a complete stand still. They're good at braking a car from 100 to 30km with maximum 30% of deceleration, but at the end they don’t work as a brake anymore. There are conditions where you need, definitely, a friction brake, especially in regards to safety and deceleration performance in emergency situations following our Vision Zero

3. And you think iron will be it? There is no way of turning around iron castings, to make such brakes?

For a long time, it will be an iron brake, let's say for normal cars. Yes, for sure, for callipers we see that there might be a slight change, a small increasing in aluminium housings. For brackets this will stay for a long time in cast iron due to the superb material characteristics for that kind of purpose. But yes, we are working on reinforced aluminium brackets, but still it’s a long way to go.

4. About this kind of events, especially the ones joining automotive and foundry, so they can align I&D strategies, do you believe it's useful?

Yes, I learned a lot today and yesterday. I find it very useful. Every time we came together, let's say suppliers, customers, supporters or consultants, you get new information and every information is somehow useful.

5. We can count on Continental in two years’ time?

Yes, for sure.