Less than a month left for ECI Meeting 2018

The ECI Meeting (European Cast Iron Meeting) will be held for the first time in Portugal, in its 2018 edition, in a co-organization between CITNM and FEUP. The meeting is scheduled for April 12th and 13th, at CITNM’s facilities in Águeda, and FEUP, in Porto, respectively. The event is held with the support from Clariant, Fundipor and Sakthi Portugal SP21.

It is the 10th edition of an event that brings together cast iron experts from all over Europe, from companies, universities and research centres, and it will have 14 presentations and 4 debates dedicated to:

  • Properties of new materials;
  • Metallurgical control;
  • Advanced Search;
  • Production process.

The program includes a visit to the facilities of Sakthi Portugal SP21 - an innovative nodular cast iron components production unit.

In the event, around 50 institutions will be represented, coming from 15 countries.