Presentation of CITNM to the Prime Minister, António Costa

On February 18, during the official visit of the Prime Minister, António Costa, to the inauguration of Sakthi Portugal SP21 in Águeda, the General Director of the CITNM, Vítor Anjos, had the opportunity to present him the center, its activities, areas of study and development plans.

With the collaboration of the CET students, in the center, CITNM demonstrated the various stages of the casting process, with the tin leakage of small replicas of the SP21 spacecraft. Throughout the day, thousands of people had the opportunity to see and participate in the demonstration. As you can see in the photo, the Prime Minister was presented with one of the copies.

The reserved area for CITNM also had additional information regarding the center and the CET course, and news on innovative projects of several companies related to the automotive sector.

CITNM continues to grow and innovate, highlighting its presence in events, conferences and technical meetings related to the foundry areas, metallurgy, materials and the automobile industry.