CITNM Inauguration with 150 attendees from 10 different countries.

The inauguration of CITNM - Centre for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam – took place on October 18th and 19th, at the Palace of Borralha in Águeda, Portugal.

The two-day event gathered about 150 participants as it brought to Águeda world leading figures from the automotive industry, metallurgy and foundry. Businesses, companies, researchers and academia from several different countries, from India to the United States from Germany to Brazil, France and UK, Spain and Sweden.

At the opening session took word Dr. Fernando Resina, President of the General Assembly of CITNM, who gave us an overview of the objectives of CITNM: the promotion of knowledge through research and innovation, education and training for various sectors, especially in the area of ​​mobility, in particular automotive, metallurgy and casting. He acknowledges the commitment with the CITNM mission "Deliver the Next Generation Better than received" and with its Vision "Preparing Future Generations Environment in School-Enterprise Excellence". He remembered the basic CITNM project development model based on national and international partnerships.

Dr. Gil Nadais, Mayor of Águeda, thanked the CITNM bet in Águeda for a project "that will make a difference", that is “looking to the future" and that makes the city, its inhabitants and the municipality “proud and passionated”. He praised the work developed, the partnerships already achieved and the prospects for employment and innovation created for the region and for the country. President Mayor Gil Nadais asked Mr. Jorge Fesch, the Chairman of CITNM, to be recognized as the mentor of this project, as CEO of Sakthi Portugal, the first founder of CITNM.

The Minister of Science and Technology was represented by the President of the National Innovation Agency, Eng. José Carlos Caldeira, who brought us an exciting overview of innovation in Portugal, stressing that the number of innovation projects doubled in Portugal (measured by the applications for European funds), as well as strongly increased the involvement of SMEs and national companies that submitted innovative projects to Instrument SMEs and Horizon 2020. He also pre-announced two programs: one to be presented soon by the Minister of Economy and another one which has a strong commitment of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Finally, he ensured the alignment of CITNM with the strategic lines for the development of Portugal.

The first of the international speakers was Anil Valsan from EY (former Ernst & Young), a leading automotive industry analyst at global level. In its "master class" ("Driving changing in the auto industry over the next decade") he let all of the attendees with 6 keywords to understand the overall development of the automotive industry for the next decade:

  • Disruption
  • Relationships
  • Digitalization
  • Resources
  • Unpredictability
  • Scrutiny