Casting Clinic #9
New Approaches into Improving Conditions and Working Environment in the Foundry Industry

The 9th session of the Casting Clinic took place on March 1st featuring the theme "New Approaches into Improving Conditions and Working Environment in the Foundry industry".

The Prof. João Santos Baptista, guest speaker at the session, shared his extensive experience with the audience and gave examples of how to put into practice some methods of controlling working conditions.

The session began with occurrence analysis. This is a sensitive issue and difficult to implement in organizations. The speaker stressed the importance of companies implementing tools to analyze occurrences that lead to the assessment of their true cause. It is sometimes difficult to understand the causes of work-related accidents, which hinders effective action in preventing new occurrences and in defining actions to improve conditions and the work environment.

Studies indicate that one-fourth of the accident participations do not correspond to reality and one-fifth occurs in occasional job placements.

After analyzing and discussing this issue, practical cases of technology application in risk evaluation and working conditions were presented.

It is now possible to assess people's effort and fatigue during their workday to understand what risks they are exposed to and what can be done to minimize them.

Technology also allows to test human performance and thermal stress in different atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity, making it possible to predict the response of the human body when subjected to certain conditions. This technology can be used, for example, to determine the maximum period of safety to which a worker can be subjected when his function implies exposure to extreme conditions of temperature or humidity, in order to safeguard his physical integrity and maintain the desired productivity indexes.