Casting Clinic #7
Organizational culture

2017 had an innovative beginning in the Casting Clinic sessions, with the holding of the 7th session, dedicated to the theme Organizational Culture - less technical and more transversal.

It was on January 11, at the CITNM's facilities, that Dr. Cândida Santos, guest speaker, shared with the audience her vast academic knowledge and professional experience.

The session began with reference to the contradiction of Organizational Culture, because it is such an important aspect for organizations and yet so often disparaged and rarely worked upon. Organizations are often so focused on results that they do not realize that, what is now a small frustration or outburst, quickly turns into company culture.

The speaker also highlighted the importance of communication within organizations, showing the need to promote moments of enlightenment, leading the entire organization in the same direction as a goal, through the definition of good practices that translate into the daily experience of corporate values.

There was also a moment of presentation from several organizations that already recognize and work the Organizational Culture as a pillar for the development of the company, followed by a moment of debate, where the participants had the opportunity to share personal experiences, discuss aspects related to these issues and clarify their doubts.

At the end of the session, Dr. Cândida Santos left some tips that can make a difference in the organizations:At the end of the session, Dr. Cândida Santos left some tips that can make a difference in the organizations:

  • The same measure can’t be applied to all - all people are different and it is important to customize;
  • Constant communication - it is mandatory to be constantly learning and adjusting;
  • Leadership - leading by example;

and also inciting factors, studied by neuroscience, that increase the motivation of the collaborators:

  • Acknowledge the purpose of their work;
  • Be self-sufficient in the way they carry out their word;
  • Heve all the necessary knowledge to carry out their work.;