Casting Clinic #5
Defects in Castings, without secrets!

On November 10, the 5th Casting Clinic was held at CITNM, under the theme: “Defects in castings, without secrets!”.

The session was engaged by researcher José Manuel Gutiérrez, from Research Alliance IK4 Azterlan – Metallurgical Research Centre (Durango, Bilbao, Spain) (*)

CITNM is attended by representatives of several foundries to enrich this event and to contribute to a foundry industry increasingly united and strong.

At the meeting were discussed different types of defects that may occur in metallic parts produced by foundry process, the causes that may be at their origin and the most appropriate procedures to eliminate their occurrence.

There were several entities and companies of relevance in the national industry, such as the APF (Portuguese Foundry Association, CINFU (Casting Industry Professional Training Centre), CMW, DuritCast, Sakthi Portugal and SLM (Schmidt Light Metals).

Besides the sharing and debate of technical information, there were moments of networking, as usual in Casting Clinics.

Do not forget: Participants and interested parties can (and should) always suggest topics for future meetings. Challenge us!

Casting Clinic #6 will take place on December 15th, 2016.


(*) IK4 is a multidisciplinary alliance of R & D centres - one of the most important R & D consortia in Europe. Azterlan, its extension for materials, metallurgy and foundry, is a world leader in R & D and foundry consulting, and has been a CITNM partner since the first hour.