Casting Clinic #21
Challenges of Industrial Maintenance Nowadays

The 21st edition of the Casting Clinic sessions was held at CITNM in Águeda, this time under the theme "Challenges of Industrial Maintenance Nowadays". The session had the special participation of Prof. Dr. Luís Andrade Ferreira, Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of FEUP.

A good maintenance management model is extremely important for the efficiency of a production process. The various management models and practices are widely known by the professionals, but they do not prove to be effective enough, as problems of random component failures continue to occur.

The way to go is through the implementation of predictive maintenance management techniques. The sensing of equipment components is essential to identify deviations from their normal operation and to acquire data to build a history and predict failure occurrence.

However, there are challenges to overcome, such as the availability to purchase equipment already sensed for maintenance by suppliers and the diversity of communication protocols. The way to go is by dealing with such difficulties and realizing that they are being overcome.

Within human resources, maintenance managers will have to specialize in data management and interpretation to manage their predictive maintenance models. At intermediate maintenance levels, which are increasingly scarce in the metallurgical sector, this may be an opportunity to show a new way of working in maintenance, more modern and digital and, thus, attract young people for training areas in maintenance.