Casting Clinic #19
How to increase the efficiency level of foundries?

The Engineering Faculty of the University of Oporto hosted the 19th edition of the Casting Clinic conference cycle, dedicated to the theme "Continuous Improvement and Technology Assisting Foundry", which was held on March 8 and was attended by more than 30 guests, representatives of various institutions, industrial and academic.

Session speakers, Alberto Bastos and Jorge Fonseca from Portugal Kaizen Institute and Vítor Anjos from CITNM, presented an innovative project that combines Kaizen's continuous improvement methodology with CITNM's metallurgical technical knowledge.

Together, Kaizen and CITNM intend to implement a model that allows us to know the foundry companies, their problems and, above all, to contribute to the identification, planning and implementation of solutions. In its essence, the project aims to increase the overall quality of foundry companies, regardless of their size, and contribute in a clustering way to a sustained growth of the entire industry.

In general, the model should:

  • Evaluate the foundry improvement potential;
  • Define a concrete plan of action, scheduled and well defined indicators, always with the involvement and commitment of the organization's employees;
  • Implement and monitor the plan;
  • Show the results and gains of the implemented improvement.

The project was welcomed by the participants, arising a wide debate about the difficulties in identifying and implementing improvement actions in organizations. The debate highlighted the added value that this service can bring to the foundries.

This Casting Clinic edition marked the starting point for this innovative project, resulting in 3 interested companies in the sector.

The Casting Clinic thus gains a new practical dimension of effective contribution to the development of a strong and united industry!