Casting Clinic #18
How are we on gating systems?

It was in a crowded room that Prof. Doctor Carlos Silva Ribeiro presented one of the most popular Casting Clinic sessions ever.

In collaboration with the Engineering Faculty of the University of Porto, taking place in the Metallurgy and Materials Department, the session was a real master class on the State of the Art of gating techniques: different options and trends for sand and die casting moulds, applied to different metal alloys, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, design evolution and alternative models for their design calculation.

We should emphasize the importance given to the method that uses the Law of Continuity (conditioned flow regime) as an alternative to conventional systems, which allows it to improve the acuity of the calculations and, above all, the efficiency of the plate and defect reduction of non-metallic inclusions and porosity. This new technique may be an answer to the challenges raised by contemporary industry.

The debate was lively, as expected, with a large and attentive audience.