Casting Clinic #17
Presentation of successful cases in European foundries

Casting Clinic’s first edition of 2018 was held on January 18 at CINFU premises - Centre for Professional Training of Foundry Industry, in Porto, and was attended by a special delegation from Clariant, by Thomas Engelhardt , Michel Boulet and Christian Knigge.

During the session, Clariant, an international company that supplies the foundry sector, specialized in the sand casting process, presented some of the best practices in the use of additives for mould production in green sand. It was emphasized the need to make the right choice of additives for the specific process of each company and the importance of the water chemical composition in the efficiency of the sand preparation process.

Clariant develops close monitoring with its customers to determine the best process parameters to increase efficiency and reduce the occurrence of defects. They gave examples of good practice used in some of their clients in France and Germany.

The head of the Development department Dr. Thomas Engelhardt also presented the new technology LE (Low Emissions). This innovation aims to contribute to the emission of BTEX reduction (Benzene, Toluene, Ettel benzene, Xylene) by replacing the usual carbon-based additives with natural carbon additives. This technology allows a reduction of BTEX emissions up to 80%.

The meeting ended with an interesting question and answer session between the speakers and the audience.