Casting Clinic #16
Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction

The last session of 2017 of the Casting Clinic conference cycle was hosted by Ana Filipa Freitas from Sakthi Portugal Marketing & Sales department, who presented the audience with a very useful and informative session on the subject "Customer Satisfaction Evaluation".

She began by presenting how this evaluation was done prior to the implementation of a standard and what main limitations were identified, namely, manual filling, a reduced number of questions and answers from customers.

Once the problem was identified, Sakthi Portugal searched for a solution that, in addition to meeting the requirements of ISO TS, would allow reliable results to be achieved and lead to the implementation of improvement actions. It was intended a system of evaluation of customer satisfaction, with well-defined objectives, transforming this process into a management tool.

After studying the theme "customer satisfaction" which goes beyond the B2C or B2B relationship, understanding that customer satisfaction is different from service quality and realizing the objectives of implementing such a system, the company has advanced with the implementation of the SERVPERF methodology. This international standard began to be used as a base structure in an online survey, which is sent annually to all areas of contact with customers, namely quality, engineering, logistics and purchases. This resulted in a more comprehensive view of the various points of contact with the customer and a greater data validation. The main advantages of this method are:

  • An efficient response, done directly on the online platform, which substantially increased the response rate;
  • Immediate analysis of previous results;
  • Statistical validation;
  • Result Segmentation;
  • Result history analysis;
  • Measuring the impact of action plans.

Such methodology consists of a survey that has 5 direct questions about satisfaction, Value for Money, Loyalty, Benchmarking and the Values of Sakthi Portugal, and other 22 questions distributed among 5 dimensions of satisfaction: tangible, reliability, responsiveness, security and empathy.

The implementation of this type of system also has a positive impact on the client, who sees their suggestions implemented over the years, realizing the company's effort to strengthen the relationship.

At the end of the session, some improvement actions to be carried out in the following sessions of the Casting Clinic for 2018 were discussed, in order to make them even more attractive and participative.