Casting Clinic #15
We need 10 million entrepreneurs!

It was an extraordinary session and a real master class that Professor Carlos de Melo Brito, Pro-Rector of the University of Porto (UP) and Director of UPTEC (the UP incubator) presented to Casting Clinic #15, under the theme "Management, Competitiveness and Innovation".

The session generated such interest that the various business leaders, academics and senior staff maintained with the Professor an interesting session of questions and answers on the central themes:

  • National Competitiveness - addressing the key issues that explain the decline in our position in the Global Competitiveness Report rankings since 2001;
  • What to do to make our companies more competitive? - the alternative path to competition at the lowest price requires differentiation, which can only be achieved through INNOVATION, clearly defined as "Creating value based on new solutions", which imply investing in R&D and developing dynamic competencies;
  • Portugal: a moderate innovator with weak knowledge appreciation - the growth of R&D investment has not been reversed in an effective transformation of knowledge produced in innovation that turns it into a value-creating factor;
  • The new universities: industries that transform innovation knowledge - besides teaching and research, they now have a third mission: to transfer knowledge to the business community and society, to become innovative, through Intellectual Property; Joint projects with companies and Spin-offs of projects based on knowledge and not on low wages; which are difficult to copy - Global and Sustainable Competitiveness and have plenty of Networking.

From this comes the great conclusion of this presentation: Portugal needs 10 million entrepreneurs (not 10 million businessmen), of citizens with a proactive, dynamic and enterprising attitude, and not of citizens with a passive or resigned attitude, in each their jobs, at school, in cities, in their insertion networks.

It has come the time for skills, where training or even attitude is not enough. It is not enough to know, one must know how to do, and that is what one calls talent. This is what universities should foster, supporting good ideas, creating value, building skills and being well-mannered. It is necessary to think big, use the ingenuity, focus on challenges and not problems, with great resilience and willingness to work.