Casting Clinic #14
The new General Regulation on Data Protection

The 14th Session of the Casting Clinic conference cycle was led by Dr. Leonor Guedes de Oliveira, of the Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Area at Vieira de Almeida & Associates, aimed to inform participants about the new Protection Act, which will be in force on May 25 of next year.

Throughout the session, the main novelties of this Regulation were detailed and explained, in relation to the legislation in force:

  • Significant increase in fines for non-compliance;
  • Self-responsibility;
  • The sanctioning power by the local authorities, National Commission of Data Protection, in Portugal;
  • Consent;
  • Security;
  • New rights of data holders.

The participants were also alerted about the main actions to be taken in order to prepare for the entry into force of this new diploma:

  • Evaluate the categories of processed data and review informative texts / consents;
  • Define Governance themes;
  • Review the security system conditions;
  • Map changes to be introduced in Information Systems;
  • Have an incident response plan;
  • Redefine responsibilities;
  • Review personal data access policies;
  • Issue specific instructions to outsourcers;
  • Define procedures to ensure and demonstrate compliance (records).

This was an extremely useful alert session, since data processing and its protection are a matter of crucial and increasing importance in the digital world we live in and will be meticulously regulated as of next year. It is an European regulation, applied to the entire business universe, which aims to protect the personal data of individuals.