Casting Clinic #12
Energy Efficiency

Casting Clinic sessions’ first anniversary was signed at the beginning of the 12th session, with a brief moment of social interaction among the participants, where there was cake and champagne for the celebration.

The session was dedicated to the theme of Energy Efficiency and was attended by Eng. Afonso Oliveira, Energy Efficiency B2B Project Leader at EDP, a leading energy company in Portugal.

Mr. Afonso Oliveira began the session referring to the CO2 world commitment, signed by 195 countries at the Paris summit, and whose major challenge for world society will be to disassociate harmful emissions from economic growth. This objective can be achieved through the implementation of three main measures:

  • Electric energy production exclusively from renewable sources;
  • Changing of energy vectors to reduce harmful emissions;
  • Energy efficiency measures implementation.

It was also discussed the Save to Compete program, launched in 2012 by EDP, which supports the implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects (PIEE) in Portuguese and Spanish companies and several examples of successful projects were obtained through the program, including The cases of Pavigrés, BA Vidro, Celtejo, Sakthi Portugal and Tensai stand out. EDP is preparing to launch Save to Compete 2.0 to support SMEs.

Throughout the session the topics of management consumption were also discussed, listing the advantages of using EDP's online platform and the ISO 500001 standard, which aims to improve overall energy performance.

Followed the presentation of the practical case of Sakthi Portugal by Eng. Eduardo Borges, who is the Energy Manager in the company. The presentation focused on two key moments for optimizing energy efficiency at Sakthi, the first time in 2005, with the replacement of some equipment by more efficient ones, and the second moment happened in 2014, when the company was able to reduce 14.7% the specific consumption of electricity, exclusively through the management of the operation and improvement of working procedures. Other energy efficiency measures applied by the company were also mentioned, namely the implementation of ISSO 50001, artificial lighting using LED technology, the adjustment of the power factor of transformation stations nº2 and nº4, the remodeling of the compressed air production and distribution unit and, still in progress, the switch from high to extra-high voltage.

The session ended with the presentation of the Sonafi case, presented by Eng. Carlos Pereira, Maintenance Director at the company, which after presenting the company's energy consumption profile, stated some of the main energy efficiency measures implemented in the company, such as equipment replacement and lighting, rationalization and good use practices, the online energy monitoring and the management improvement process.

It was another dynamic and highly attended session.