CITNM organizes the Casting Clinic Conferences
A monthly event focused on sharing ideas about casting and metallurgy

With the intention to promote the debate of several relevant matters for the foundry industry and to promote also the contact between the several foundries, we are developing a meeting named “Casting Clinic”.

The “Casting Clinic” meetings are carried out monthly at the premises of the Centre of Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam (CITNM) in Águeda (on the first Thursday of each month) and they purpose to join professionals and experts in the field of foundry and metallurgy to provide a healthy debate and the sharing of ideas of common interest. The subjects under discussion in the successive meetings are related to innovation and technology, common technical problems, management practices and leadership, among others, with the participation of experts invited.

CITNM is attended by representatives of several foundries to enrich this event and to contribute to a foundry industry increasingly united and strong.

    Session’s history:
  • 1st Session: 07.07.2016 – New Methods of Dynamic Control of the Foundry Process
  • 2nd Session: 27.07.2016 – Energy Management
  • 3rd Session: 08.09.2016 – To think the Continuous Improvement
  • 4th Session: 06.10.2016 – Industry 4.0
  • 5th Session: 10.11.2016 – Defects in Castings, without secrets!
  • 6th Session: 15.12.2016 – The Foundry of the Future, Trends and Challenges