Inauguration of the Commander Almeida Roque Foundation

The Almeida Roque Foundation, based in Águeda, was inaugurated by the Prime Minister, António Costa, on February 18.

During this year, CITNM premises will change, it will start to develop its activity in Commander Almeida Roque Foundation building, in Águeda. The building has been designed to allow versatility in the way the various floors are divided, integrating classrooms, living labs, conference rooms, meeting rooms, individual and shared offices, and an auditorium with capacity for 100 people.

In 2013, the Commander laid the roots for the construction of this foundation, with the goal of creating a space dedicated to education, training and technology development, to support the community and industry in the region. CITNM’s facilities within the foundation will allow to fulfill the purposes for which it was created, and it will spare CITNM all the conditions for the development of its general activity and knowledge sharing.

Commander António Soares de Almeida Roque, known by many as Commander of the People and whose motto is that "only one who is willing to spend life in the service for others is worthy of it", dedicated his own life to economic and sociocultural development of Águeda’s region, having contributed in a large scale with its innovative ideas and with its knowledge and resources.

In addition to the gold medals of Águeda and Oliveira do Bairro municipalities, in 1985 he was awarded the Medal of Cultural Merit by the Ministry of Culture, and in 2001, the rank of Commander by, then President of the Republic, Dr. Jorge Sampaio.