We develop several R&D and innovation projects with different partners.

    Current projects include:

  • Automotive
    • Brake Noise – vibration and noise reduction in the breaking systems verified when used in emergency situations. Project leader: IK4 Azterlan.
  • Metallurgy
    • Development of customized alloys through the enhancement of mechanical properties, for weight reduction in castings. Project leader: Sakthi Portugal.
  • Foundry
    • New methods for deposition of used sand. Project leader: Clariant.
    • Improve water quality for sand mixing costs reduction. Project leader: Clariant.
    • Improve 20% efficiency in sand mixing step. Project leader: Clariant.
  • Industrial and Services Management.
    • Evaluation of the continuous improvement practices used in Portuguese Industry and Services. Project leader: Kaizen Institute.
    • Dematerialization of continuous improvement methodologies and visual management. Project leader: Kaizen Institute.
    • Creation of virtual games to assist teaching of continuous improvement techniques. Project leader: Kaizen Institute.
    • Living lab for continuous improvement. Project leader: Kaizen Institute.

Soon we will develop projects in the fields of connectivity and mobility industries.

We are open to new ideas. Challenge us!