Kaizen College Open Day

The 2017 Kaizen College National Program will be presented in Agueda, the 9th of November 2016.

This event will gather companies, institutions and professionals from all over the country and all sort of sectors and backgrounds.

Kaizen College Training courses focus in continuous improvement. Such knowledge and skills can be applied to all sectors of activity management.

The training programs offer the possibility of specializing in Lean and Kaizen techniques to any interested professional. Kaizen Institute offers every training course and seminar in public regime.

The courses have essentially a practical nature with focus on accomplishment of exercises, simulations and discussion of case studies.

The training courses cover different levels of training from top management or team leaders till awareness level.

Trainers are experienced professionals of the Kaizen Institute Portugal team.

Under the partnership between Kaizen Institute and CITNM the courses of the Kaizen College will be conducted in Ɓgueda and a Living Lab will be created. This is the reason for this launch to be held at CITNM.