CITNM - Center for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam Inauguration

The event will bring together in Agueda more than 100 participants, including academics, professionals and companies from 9 different countries.

The CITNM public inauguration event will be held the 18th and 19th October at the Palace of Borralha in Agueda.

The two-day event will bring to Agueda world leading figures of the automotive industry, foundry and metallurgy, as well as research and academia.

The attendees include business partners and academics from countries such as Germany, Brazil, Spain, USA, France, India, the UK, Sweden, and Portugal. It The opening session is at 2.30PM on the 18th.

The CITNM's mission is to "Prepare Future Generations in a School-Company Environment of Excellence". It aims to generate and disseminate knowledge, especially designed for mobility industries and in particular the automotive, foundry and metallurgy.

    Based on the promotion of national and international partnerships, CITNM's main areas of intervention are:

  • Research and Development
  • Education
  • Professional Training.