Casting Clinic #9 – New Approaches to Improving Conditions and Working Environment in Foundry

The next Casting Clinic session, to be held on March 1st, will be dedicated to the theme "New Approaches to Improvement of Conditions and Work Environment in Foundry" and will have as guest speaker Prof. João Santos Baptista, professor at FEUP.

The Prof. João Santos Baptista holds a PhD in Mining Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, where he develops his professional activity as a professor and Director of the Master's Degree in Occupational Safety and Hygiene Engineering. Among other Scientific Committees he integrates, he is the Director of the Specialization Course in Technological Entrepreneurship in Occupational Safety.

In this session, fundamental aspects to be taken into account when implementing actions to improve the conditions and working environment in the foundry industry will be presented and debated, in order to change the existing perception and to raise awareness to a cleaner and more inviting industry.

Defined by the participants of the last Casting Clinic session of 2016, this is a current topic of great importance for the foundry industry, for its particularities and for being usually perceived as dark and polluted.

The cross-sectional cleaning, storage, lighting and ergonomic actions are insufficient for the foundry industry, since people working in this industry are subjected to adverse conditions of noise, high temperatures and dust, on which it is necessary to act in order to improve the working environment.

It is also necessary to develop actions to optimize the working conditions of people, monitor their physical condition and check the suitability of job rotation.

These actions, besides being essential for the improvement of working conditions and environment for employees, they also lead to significant gains in productivity and in companies' results.

We are counting on your presence and contribution to the development of a strong and united foundry industry!

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This initiative has the institutional support from the Portuguese Foundry Association.

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