Casting Clinic #21 – Challenges of industrial maintenance nowadays

Industrial maintenance is a subject of great relevance to the industry and faces several challenges at the organizational and technological level. Today it is not enough that maintenance is preventive, it must also be predictive, and Industry 4.0 has a great contribution to give, together with the training.

Industrial maintenance is a theme for which CITNM has special attention, and it is already planned to carry out some "tailor-made" courses to meet the specific needs of the companies in the sector.

To promote the debate on this topic, CITNM invited Prof. Doc. Luís Andrade Ferreira, Associate Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department of FEUP, to share his long experience and vision on the path and challenges of industrial maintenance, with the audience.

It will be an excellent opportunity to share experiences, success stories and reflection about the future and opportunities for improvement.

We count on your presence and contribution for the development of a strong and united industry!

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This initiative has the institutional support of the Portuguese Foundry Association.

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