Casting Clinic #20 – News and trends in the foundry sector

The next session of the Casting Clinic conference cycle will be the first one held at the new CITNM facilities on April 5, 2018 between 18:00 and 19:30.

It will be dedicated to the presentation and debate of innovations and trends in the foundry and automotive sector, which were highlighted in international congresses and fairs in the first quarter of the year, where CITNM was present. In particular:

  • Euroguss 2018;
  • 3rd International VDI Congress “Casting Chassis and Bodywork Components 2018”;
  • 5th International VDI Engine Congress.

This session will be guided by the General Manager of the Centre, Vítor Anjos, and by the Researcher João Teixeira, also from CITNM.

We count on your presence and contribution for the development of a strong and united industry!

For registration and more information:

This initiative has the institutional support of the Portuguese Foundry Association.

Associação Portuguesa de Fundição