Casting Clinic #19 – Continuous improvement and technology at the service of the foundry industry

The CITNM and Kaizen present a new Project to boost the foundry sector in Portugal.

Based on the knowledge of the needs of the sector, this project intends to create a service that is an opportunity to improve the competitiveness of companies, based on continuous improvement methodologies (Kaizen) and technological innovation in the foundry sector (CITNM).

This session will be presented by Vítor Anjos, General Manager of CITNM, and Jorge Fonseca, Project Leader at Kaizen Institute Portugal.

The 19th session of the Casting Clinic will be held on March 8, in room B032 of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, from 18:00 to 19:30.

Come to know the project, contribute to your planning and become a partner!

We count on your presence.

For registration and more information:

This initiative has the institutional support from the Portuguese Foundry Association.

Associação Portuguesa de Fundição