Casting Clinic #15 – Management, Positioning and Innovation

The Casting Clinic conference cycle continues with the 15th edition, which will be held on November 8, at CITNM in Águeda, dedicated to the theme "Management, Positioning and Innovation ".

The invited speaker will be Professor Dr. Carlos Brito, one of the pioneers of marketing in Portugal, with vast experience in projects in the area of ​​innovation in network and sensorial marketing, as well as teaching, being currently Associate Professor with Aggregation in the Faculty of Economics of the University Porto and Porto Business School (PBS). He is currently Pro-Rector of the University of Porto, Director of UPTEC and Coordinator of the Post-Graduation in Marketing Management at PBS.

Due to particularities of each foundry and its needs for improvement, we ask participants to bring questions into the session, or to send them previously by e-mail, to be analyzed by the speakers who will try to respond or give advice during the session.

The strategy of management and positioning of companies in the market, is of preponderant importance for their success. However, these principles are not easy to define, considering the global competitiveness and the recent transformations in the industry. It is necessary to think about the business and draw a positioning strategy in the market. Innovation should not be overlooked, since it is one of the great differentiators between organizations and, more and more, success of organizations depends on it.

We count on your presence and contribution for the development of a strong and united foundry industry!

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This initiative has the institutional support from the Portuguese Foundry Association.

Associação Portuguesa de Fundição


from 17h
to 19h

Centro de Inovação e Tecnologia
N. Mahalingam

Rua Dona Maria de Mello Corga 55
3750-162 Águeda