Casting Clinic #11 - Data Management

The next Casting Clinic session will, exceptionally, be held at FEUP - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, room B 027, on May 3.

This session, the 11th edition of the Casting Clinic conference cycle, will be dedicated to the theme "Data Management" and will have Professor Vera Miguéis, lecturer in the FEUP Engineering and Industrial Management Department, and Fernando Vilela, responsible for Process Control, at Sakthi Portugal, as guest speakers.

Data management is an extremely important issue, covering all areas of activity and is one of the main pillars of Industry 4.0. Thus, Professor Vera Miguéis will introduce the theme highlighting the importance of data management, followed by Sakthi Portugal’s practical case presentation, by Fernando Vilela.

Sakthi Portugal’s case will share with the participants the experience of collecting, storing, monitoring and processing data in the process of producing critical safety components in nodular cast iron, a practice that has been in the company for more than 15 years.

The first step was taken in 2001, with the launch of the "DataPro" application, that stores more than 300,000 data per day, allowing online monitoring of the process and its immediate correction. Full traceability which allowed all process parameters to be recorded at the time each component was produced. This tool also had a very important role in training the operators.

The second step, in 2016, is based on the use of real-time artificial intelligence software, linking a new application - Olimpo - with the DataPro database, where since 2001 about 1,000 million results have been stored. This tool allows Sakthi Portugal to act upon the process in a predictive way, eliminating the occurrence of nonconformities in the final product and improving its quality.

It will be another session dedicated to a theme chosen by the participants and, as in previous sessions, will serve the purpose of providing professionals and companies with useful knowledge for their development and success, by theoretical approaches to the themes chosen and the analysis of successful cases.

We are counting on your presence and contribution to the development of a strong and united foundry industry!

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This initiative has the institutional support from the Portuguese Foundry Association.

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