Casting Clinic #10 - Work organization

The Casting Clinic conference cycle is already in its tenth edition. On April 5th there will be the next session, whose theme is Work Organization.

The guest speaker at this session is Mr. Jorge Fonseca, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from FEUP and an Executive MBA from Porto Business School, who currently holds a Project Leader position at the Kaizen Institute Portugal. His career and professional experience promises an enlightening and dynamic session, enhancing the sharing of tools and working methods of demonstrated efficiency and discussing their application in real cases.

This session’s main objective of is to provide participants with additional knowledge about work organization and teams, in order to increase the efficiency of employees in the course of their duties. Often, increasing employee efficiency does not depend exclusively on employees themselves, but it is often associated to the organization and performance of the entire workforce. Thus, the session aims to analyze the team as a whole and specific cases, such as, team leader, who has the power to influence the entire organizational process.

We are counting on your presence and contribution to the development of a strong and united foundry industry!

For registration and more information:

This initiative has the institutional support from the Portuguese Foundry Association.

Associação Portuguesa de Fundição


from 17h
to 19h

Centro de Inovação e Tecnologia
N. Mahalingam

Rua Dona Maria de Mello Corga 55
3750-162 Águeda