Technical Expert in Materials, Metallurgy and Metal-mechanics

Technologic Specialization Course (CET in Portuguese) in the field of materials, metallurgy and metal-mechanics to prepare trainees to integrate an industry that is growing fast in Portugal.

CET is a level 5 training program according to the European Qualifications Framework.

It aims to train high level professional technicians to develop activities of conception, analysis, characterization and inspection of materials in planning, production and in final evaluation of the product quality, selecting the most suitable technological equipments.

Technicians will also develop planning skills, coordination of activities and laboratory resources to optimize results.

    Main activities:

  • To measure, at the level of applicable rules and/or the terms of reference of the customer, the requirements for the final product;
  • To define the moments and the levels of evaluation which the product must be subjected, from its conception to the final approval;
  • To adopt the technological qualification resources - analysis, testing or inspection - to apply on the product;
  • To coordinate the activities of conception, testing or inspection at human and technological resources level.

The responsible training entity is CINFU, the Professional Training Centre for the Portuguese Foundry Industry, with the cooperation from CITNM. The theoretical and practical classes are divided between CITNM and CINFU facilities. The course is co-funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union and the Portugal 2020 – Norte 2020 Operational Program.

A protocol established with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto provides 17 ECTS to those who succefully conclude the CET, to be used to access higher education in the Integrated Master in Metallurgical and Material Engineering.

Training unit Hours ETC
General and scientific training component
Oral and written expressive skills 25 1,5
English in social professional context 25 1,5
General mathematics 50 3
Physics and chemistry 25 1,5
Environment, safety and health at work 25 1,5
Total 150 9
Technological training component
Design and mechanical construction 50 3
Metallic materials 50 3
Non-metallic materials 25 1,5
Metallographic tests 25 1,5
CAD/CAM/CAE Systems Bases 50 3
Metallurgy of ferrous alloys 50 3
Metallurgy of non-ferrous alloys 25 1,5
Materials used in manufacturing parts 25 1,5
Design of parts and tools 50 3
Heat treatment 25 1,5
Welding techniques – recovery of parts 50 3
Techniques of chemical analysis and instrumentationo 50 3
Coordinate metrology 50 3
Techniques of materials characterization 50 3
Laboratorial techniques – destructive tests 25 1,5
Laboratorials techniques – non-destructive tests 25 1,5
Quality inspection techniques 50 3
Integrated management system 25 1,5
Quality management system - ISO 9001 25 1,5
Statistical methods: SPC 25 1,5
Project management 50 3
Casting technology 50 3
Total 850 51
Formation in a work context
Practical internship 560 20
Total training hours 1560 80
Course units Credits (ETCS)
Integrated Master in Metallurgical and Material Engineering. Introduction to materials engineering I 6
Technical design 6
Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto Laboratories I 5
Total 17
norte 2020