Industry 4.0 Project Management

B-Learning — Outside working hours

Start date: October 2018


Entry requirements: Level 6 (bachelor degree)

Ideally in Engineering, Sciences or Mathematics. Candidates with no academic degree may be accepted upon analysis of the curriculum and professional experience.


  • Empower trainees to perform in functions related to projects management and to the implementation of Industry 4.0 technology in their organizations;
  • Raise awareness of the technological and industrial management disruptive principles;
  • Raise awareness about technologies and their industrial usage in the different production areas.

At the end of the training, trainees should be able to lead implementation projects of new technologies and to manage teams, using the human and financial resources available with a positive impact on productivity and on thepositioning of the company in the market.

Introduction to the “Industrial Revolution” 5
Industry 4.0 in Portugal and in the world 5
Smart Production 15
Digitalization of Processes 15
Modular Operations Work 15
Logistics 15
Digital Infrastructure 15
Strategies for an Efficient Energy Consumption 15
Sensor Technology 15
Acquisition and Management of Data (Big Data) 15
Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling 15
Artificial Intelligence 15
Cyber-Physical Systems 15
Augmented Reality 15
Additive Manufacturing 15
Advanced Materials 15
Interaction Man/Machine 15
Education i4.0 15
Cyber security 10
Intellectual and Data Property 5
Lean Management 15
Leadership 5
Dissertation 40
Total 325